Boardroom Solutions

We offer multiple systems to make boardroom meetings easier, more productive and simpler to manage. You can set the lights, close the blinds and start the presentation with the touch of a button.  Smart technology saves you money by turning off the lights and unneeded equipment when no-one is in the room. New display technologies are cheaper to run and better for the environment; and your lights bill. No more complicated menus and cables everywhere, just easy to use, simple interfaces.

SpacerProjectersWe offer the best in projectors for all your business needs. Our full service programme includes screens, mounts, calibration and system integration. Projectors have evolved over the past few years to now include wireless interfaces so you can control your projector via your Tablet or Laptop via the network. You can wirelessly display your presentation from your laptop or tablet and interact with your content via your tablets touch screen. We also offer a range of integration equipment like Matrix Switchers and Distribution Amplifiers.

SpacerVideo ConfernceIn a business world that’s constantly changing, evolving and expanding on a global scale, communication with staff, customers and colleagues around the globe is imperative to your success. With Video Conferencing solutions from ES Audio Visual, you’ll be able to talk face-to-face with anyone at home or abroad – that means you’ll save money on travel expenses, reduce your carbon footprint and gain the capability to reach new potential markets with one simple solution.

SpacerConference SystemsOur user-friendly sound reinforcement solutions are less expensive and complex, provide hassle-free integration with no issues of compatibility, have natural and intelligible audio, and are easily expandable. Our quality solutions are custom designed to your needs to achieve perfect audio intelligibility while preserving the aesthetics of your room. For boardrooms we have elegant units that can be flush-mounted  to your table. We also have a large choice of wired or wireless table-top units that can easily be removed for storage after your meeting.

SpacerAutomationControl your boardroom with one click. Close the blinds, start the projector and lower the screen . Occupancy sensors can automatically turn lights on when a space becomes occupied or vacancy sensors can dim or turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied. Reliable automated time clocks can provide a highly desirable scheduling feature that adjusts lights or blinds at certain times of the day or in relation to sunrise and sunset. Daylight sensors automatically adjust electric lighting levels based on the amount of daylight in a space.

SpacerCablesWe offer a wide range of fitting and fixtures to complement your decor while still offering the highest standards of connections and interoperability with your equipment. If you’re suffering with cables strewn all over the boardroom table and floor, we have the right solution for you.