Elan g!

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of controlling your entire home with a home automation system. At ESAV, we tame the complexities of technology and make household integration and control systems simple and convenient, so you spend less time pushing buttons and more time enjoying life. Technology is supposed to enhance your life not complicate it! Automating and controlling the mood of your lighting, adjusting the interior climate, listening to your favourite collection of music, or powering up your home theatre – ESAV makes controlling these functions a simple touch of a button.

SpacerAutomated Lighting

Personalise a light control system to recall favourite settings and effortlessly transform the light that surrounds you. Control your home’s lighting from a master keypad or by remote to easily change your visual environment at the touch of a button. Install timers, fan controls, and occupancy/vacancy sensors for added convenience, to automatically control your lights and fans.

For rooms with ample sunlight, you can integrate a blinds solution with electric lighting for total light control. Blinds/curtains can be preset for different room uses or adjusted for changes in time of day or season. The ultimate in power saving!

SpacerMultiroom AV Systems

Have music and HD video throughout your home. CD in the lounge, radio in the office, DStv in the kitchen, the rugby at the bar, open the gate outside for a visitor or close the curtains in the home theatre, all controlled wirelessly, or on pad or touch screen controls throughout the home. Media sources can be controlled remotely so you can control the DStv or iPod from your bedside or skip CD tracks wirelessly from the garden next to the braai. The possibilities are endless.

SpacerControls and Interfaces

Control and Interfaces are your connection to your home. Touch screens deliver the latest information about your home and the world outside through internet feeds, email, weather; just like your tablet or smart phone, or you can use your tablet or smart phone. The choice is yours. We have the right interface for your systems and your budget.

SpacerCCTV and Security Solutions

Keep an eye on what matters most. Have a camera in the nursery or by the pool to watch the kids. Have Infrared cameras outside to protect your home, and keep an eye on it anywhere in the world via the net. Home solutions for security are now a part of everyday life and more secure than ever.