Devialet D_Premier

”The most innovative and advanced amplifier to emerge on the hi-fi scene for years…To hear this amplifier is to enjoy music like never before as it carves a truly memorable performance into the very air itself. Hi-fi will never be the same again!”

Devialet D_Premier
The D-Premier forms the hub of a high-performance audio system. It combines a pre-amplifier, stereo power amplifier and DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) in a single, slimline case – just 32mm thick.

Quite simply, the D-Premier represents the greatest breakthrough in high-resolution audio technology this Millennium. It is slim, elegant, flexible and energy-efficient, built for the future as well as the present, and delivers a musical experience that is simply incomparable. For high-performance audio, this is the next evolutionary leap.

The D-Premier is the first product to feature a new form of amplification called ADH® (Analogue/Digital Hybrid), specially developed by Devialet. It is this technology that enables the D-Premier to be so slim, yet deliver so much power. It is also the reason why no other amplifier can match the D-Premier’s exceptional quality of sound. ADH® combines Class A operation – long recognised to be the most desirable form of solid-state amplification, in terms of pure sound quality – with Class D, operating in parallel. Class D amplification is often described as ‘digital’, because it is based on switching technology.

In addition to ADH® amplification, the D-Premier incorporates a very high quality DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) right at its heart. Digital audio data – for example, audio files from a computer or a digital feed from a CD player, DVD player or Blu-ray player – is converted to analogue within the D-Premier. The resultant signal is then amplified using ADH® technology, ready to drive the speakers.

The quality of the D-Premier’s DAC and its immediate proximity to the amp section, all within a single chassis, ensures far better sound from any digital audio signal than is possible with conventional amplifiers.

Devialet D_Premier


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