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“Since the founding of Polk in 1972, it’s been our mission to craft high quality, great sounding speakers that are accessible to everyone. For the people of Polk, designing and building authentic audio solutions is our true passion.”

Big bang for your buck; that’s what home theatre audio should deliver in any room of your home. Polk gives you plenty of choices for enhancing the audio of your TV shows, games and digital movies.Sit back and be engulfed in the explosive excitement of blockbuster movies, right in our own home. From a compact single-speaker system to life-sized cinema sound, there’s a Polk home theatre that’s just right for your space. We’re movie lovers, too, so we pay attention to each musical detail, to crystal clear voice reproduction, and to the kind of deep bass impact that puts you in the center of the action. We’re out to give your local movie palace a run for its money. At home, the popcorn refills are free.

Audio Systems
The holy grail of audio for any serious listener is the “classic” two-channel listening experience. The essence of high-fidelity audio, that singular listening experience is the result of a lone pair of loudspeakers capable of bringing an audio performance to life. It has long been our belief that a great stereo/hi-fi experience is about sound that virtually transports the listener to the scene of the recorded performance. Polk is your first-class ticket there.

There is a simple beauty in having an elegant pair of loudspeakers fill a room with the majesty of a classic orchestral piece or the smoky intimacy of a jazz trio. Loudspeakers with the facility to reproduce audio experiences that reside at opposite ends of the listening spectrum are what Polk’s loudspeakers are created for. We know it isn’t that simple, however. So our stereo/hi-fi models are designed to solve a wide range of space and décor requirements. From stealthy in-ceiling and in-walls, to unobtrusive on-walls, classic bookshelves, to the towering performance of our floorstanding models, you’ve found the sweet spot for great listening.

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